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Tiny Tots and Educational Care Program

Children between the ages of 0 – 3 years old are welcome to attend Tiny Tots with their Carer. Simply attend Tiny Tots on a Friday morning, anytime between 9am and 12pm. Come along and see what you think. There is no charge for your first session and you are very welcome.

Our Educational Care program is an occasional care program available to children from 12 weeks of age. It is designed to meet the needs of families using our services, as well as to assist families in the wider community. Please don’t hesitate to enquire as to how we may assist you.

Cycle 1 (Kindergarten Programs & Prep) & Cycles 2 & 3 (Primary School)

The first step towards enrolment is to come and see us! We would love to show you what we do and how our classrooms operate. Call us on 03 5728 2940 and we can arrange a suitable time for you to visit.

For some further information on Montessori schooling please refer to:

Typical characteristics of the Montessori Classroom:

  • The teacher operates as a director; observing and following the children
  • The teacher makes notes after observing the children
  • The relationship between that of the teacher and the child is warm, caring and respectful
  • Learning is child led with them following an activity for as long, or as short a time as it holds their attention
  • The room is calm and peaceful, with a co-operative, community-like atmosphere
  • Whole group lessons are minimal
  • Strong emphasis is placed on personal responsibility for order in the work area
  • Children behave in a respectful manner towards the materials and others

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Room Layout

  • Montessori encourages a clean, ordered and prepared environment
  • Child size desks are arranged to support a variety of work spaces
  • Shelves have activities spaced along them in a visually appealing way
  • Children are encouraged to prepare snacks and drinks in their snack area as they require them
  • Open spaces allow children to work on the floor and spread their materials out
  • Each room contains a functional kitchen and quiet spaces

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Lesson & Activity Types

  • Individual and small group lessons are the primary means of instruction
  • There is minimal use of workbooks and worksheets
  • Activities are attractive, tactile and often colour coordinated
  • Activities are ‘real’ – they do not just replicate real life, they are real life
  • Large group, circle time or mat time happens at the beginning or end of each work cycle

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  • Children care for one another
  • Children treat each other with respect
  • Children demonstrate independence, self-discipline and choice
  • Children of different ages work together and learn from one another

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Parent Information Books

Please click the links below to read the Parent Information Books for each stage at Beechworth Montessori.

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