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Our Mission

A sustainable learning centre providing excellence in child-focused Montessori education for 0 – 12 year olds.

Our Vision

As our children take their first steps towards independence, our aim is to provide them with a warm, positive and inspiring experience of education – one that will build a foundation of a love of lifelong learning.

Our Values

We value:

  • Relationships within and between all members of our school community including students, staff, parents, Committee of Management and the broader community.
  • A connected and cohesive school community and appreciate the valuable contributions and support provided.
  • The philosophy and principles of Montessori education and endeavour to deliver our education program with honesty and integrity.
  • Excellence in Montessori education that caters for the needs of the individual student in a peaceful and respectful learning environment.

Beechworth Montessori Principles

The school logo depicts a peacock which in many cultures represents kindness, compassion, wisdom and patience. For a period of time, a wild peacock adopted our school as its home and spent several years as a free bird that chose to live within our grounds.

Beechworth Montessori provides an enriching, holistic education for children, guided by Montessori philosophy and curriculum, in a peaceful and harmonious learning environment.

Our philosophy is:

“Fostering the Potential of Every Child – Education for Life”

Beechworth Montessori School aims to encourage respect for one’s self, respect for others, and respect for property, including the environment. A safe, secure and cooperative environment is provided through a climate of active listening and communication, positive role modelling, human relations education and through adherence to a fair and effective set of procedures. These are basic principles of behaviour to be practiced by ALL members of our school community.

Click Here to Download our Vision & Values Document

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Strategic Planning

For the period 2014 to 2017 the Beechworth Montessori Strategic Plan will focus on:

  • Consolidating and refining exisiting programs
  • Reviewing the Building Fund
  • Developing an itemised maintenance schedule
  • Developing an overall budgeting framework
  • Developing forward estimates to support strategic planning
  • Developing a marketing and communication plan
  • A commitment to achieving pay parity with the State Government education sector
  • Developing an organisational career structure

The Beechworth Montessori Strategic Plan Focuses on 7 key areas:

  1. Educational Program and Practice
  2. Children’s Health and Safety
  3. Physical Environment
  4. Staffing
  5. Relationships with Children
  6. Collaborative Relationships with the Community
  7. Leadership and Service Management

Identified projects within the key areas are managed using a system of action plans and matrices. This will support the Committee of Management, staff, and the school community to move from strategy into action.

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Our Programs

Beechworth Montessori School offers the following programs:

  • Tiny Tots Parent/Toddler Program

For children aged 0-3 years and their carers

Tiny Tots

  • Educational Care Program

Ac are program available to children from 12 weeks of age. Designed to fill the needs of families using our service as well as to assist families in the wider community.

  • Cycle 1

For children aged from 3-6 years who are enrolled in kindergarten or the first year of primary education

NQF Assessment & Rating Report BMS

  • Cycles 2&3

For children aged from 6-12 years of age who are enrolled in Primary school

  • Specialist Classes

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Our Background

The group commenced operations in 1997 as the Beechworth Montessori Children’s Group to provide a Montessori preschool program for three and four year old children. Tiny Tots program was established in 2002 for children aged up to three years and this acts as an introduction for both parents and children to the Montessori philosophy. In 2006 the preschool program expanded to include five year old children.

In 2007 a primary school for children aged 6-12 years old opened, enabling children to complete their early childhood and primary school learning within the Montessori educational philosophy.

Families may continue their Montessori education at the MAP (Montessori Adolescent Program) at Beechworth Secondary College which commenced in 2015.

The Tiny Tots program was established in 2002 for children aged up to three years and this acts as an introduction for both parents and children to the Montessori philosophy. In 2014 an afternoon care program was established for children in the kindergarten program at Beechworth Montessori, allowing more flexibility and greater support for our families. In 2015 this program extended to include children from 12 weeks of age and opened to the wider community.

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Committee of Management

Please click here to read our current Rules of Association 

Please click here to read Independent Schools Victoria’s Role of Committee information

Click here for the BMCG 2014 Financials

BMCG President’s AGM Report 18 March 2015

BMCG Treasurer’s AGM Report 18 March 2015

Principal’s Operations Report 2014

Current Committee of Management

At the 2017 AGM on 27th April nominations for the incoming CoM equalled positions available and an election was not required. 

The Committee of Management for 2017 until the 2018 AGM in March is:

  • Dean Cleave-Smith (President)
  • Jacqui Alessi (Vice-President)
  • Anthea Scott (Treasurer)
  • Nadia Dean (Secretary)
  • Karen Chabaud
  • Rachel Kerkvliet

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Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends Committee information coming soon…


2018 Administration Staff


  Susi Allen, Principal
 HowardRussell Howard Russell, Finance Manager
 FeonaRoscouet Feona Roscouet, Enrolments Officer & Administration
  Sharelle O’Reilly, Compliance, Communications & Human Resources Officer
  Dana Brazionis, Administration Assistant

2018 Early Years Staff​​

   Tameeka Thommers, Emerald Room Director (Cycle 1)
  Melissa Scott, Amethyst Room Director (Cycle 1)
  Jessica Ruiz, Ruby Room Director
  Aimee Shea, Early Years Assistant
  Kyia Beggs, Early Years Assistant
  Lisa O’Connor, Early Years Assistant 
   Michaela Rouch, Early Years Assistant 
Geraldine Denis-Hickey

2018 Cycle 2 & 3 Staff

 NicolaBussell Nicola Bussell, Moonstone Room Director (Cycle 2)
 MartinaRyan Martina Ryan, Moonstone Room Assistant (Cycle 2)
KarenBowey Karen Bowey, Turquoise Room Director (Cycle 2)
SonjaTilev Sonja Tilev, Turquoise Room Assistant (Cycle 2)
Kat Beaton, Tigereye Room Director (Cycle 3)
   Alison White, Topaz Room Director (Cycle 3)
  Amber Vincent, Topaz Room Director (Cycle 3)

and Music Specialist

  Asha Dilkes-Hoffman –  Cycle 3 Room Assistant 
   Sue Astridge, Inclusion Support

2018 Specialist staff

JoshCarr Josh Carr, Physical Education
MauroPellegrini Mauro Pellegrini, Italian Language & Culture

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Management Plan 2018

Annual Report

Please click the links below to read our annual reports:

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